Words of encouragement

I am here again, i hope you all haven’t missed me much. Well once again I miss blogging, I am thankful to be back. Well to all those who see me as strong yes I am. Lol. There’s absolutely no one in this life, that doesn’t have something they battle with. But you know the good news, we will all overcome our issues. Well this year has been good, beautiful and bad too lol. Okay I am sure you guys weren’t expecting the bad part, that’s okay. Nothing in this life is complete without the good and bad part. There’s life and there’s death. I know there are a lot of people out there who have absolutely no one to talk to, but I really hope and want to be here for as many of you guys as possible. And I hope after sharing a little detail about how my week has been, it will encourage some of us not to feel alone.

These past few weeks, I honestly don’t know how I came out strong. It’s been the most challenging part of my life. Having to deal with issues of life that requires me to stay strong, forgive, keep loving, letting go off the past, hoping for the best, facing my fears, undisclosed feelings and emotions. The truth is when I think about how I was able to handle these past few weeks, I am surprised at how bold and strong I have been. Life isn’t complete without challenges. But what has kept me going is faith. Well at some point I felt empty, like I was praying and God wasn’t listening, other times I felt I was wasting my time. Trying to hold on to God even when you feel completely empty is hard. Some times I tell God I am sorry, but please I just need a sign to know you are listening . Well the truth is most times we are the reason why we feel completely disconnected from God. These past few weeks put me to test and trial to see how strong and prepared I am for what lies ahead of me, what’s coming my way. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to doubt yourself? Where you had to question yourself? Can I do this? Am I sure I can face this? Is this phase going to pass too? Why me? What did I ever do wrong? I thought I was perfect, I did everything right, where did I miss it? What did I do wrong? Well it’s not a good place for anyone. I had to repeatedly doubt myself and question myself. I felt I did everything right and I felt I shouldn’t be the one faced with the problem. Not me. But you know what, life has no respect for anyone.

In all of these, one thing that kept me going is faith. Times like this I would sit back and hate myself, I would tell myself if I had known, if I knew better, I would have done it differently. The truth is there will always be some regrets in our lives we will learn to live with. There’s absolutely nothing that can and will ever change that. But it’s not too late to do better. If I was in that scenario all over again without knowing what I know now, will I repeat the same mistakes again? Most likely. The truth is we are all humans. We don’t know what tomorrow holds for us. We act in the moment. And at every point in my life, everything I have ever done was the best decision I have ever made at the time. Everything I did felt absolutely right to me at the time, so if I was to be put on the same spot, the same scenario, will I do the same thing, that’s why I said most likely. But thinking back now, was that the best choice? absolutely not. Do I regret it sometimes? Yes but not all of it. This is me and everyone of us being human.

But in all of these, I am thankful I came out with a lot of good lessons to learn. Never ever limit yourself. Never doubt yourself because of some bad and silly choices you make. Never underestimate how strong you are to handle and face any challenge that comes your way. Life is not bed of roses, it’s full of issues. But definitely you are strong enough to overcome it all. I am thankful I am gradually coming out stronger and stronger. Oh yes ! I have moment when I break down in between. When I think of somethings, I shed tears, but after that I wipe my face and tell myself this isn’t the end of the world. I thought I should share this to someone here who’s totally feeling lost, empty, confused, devastated, frustrated there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Please don’t ever feel you are alone. Don’t give up. Yes, we all have moments in our lives that seems the world is against us, but that’s when we need to hold onto our faith and stay strong. And if you ever need someone to talk to or reach out to, I am always available at trueliving356@gmail.com. I love you all 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍


15 thoughts on “Words of encouragement

  1. “Life isn’t complete without challenges. But what has kept me going is faith.”….faith…keep the faith…even faith & hope are connected…well written & thx for sharing…we (as in human) should live in the moment…that would be ideal…but unfortunately, we also live in the mind (past, future, speculations etc)…the moment helps in going through that moment…without giving it color of good / bad, positive / negative, light / dark…I agree, it’s not easy but I must add, it helps…of course, when one is disconnected for a moment, then those colors reappear…coz we’re living creatures…not machine…so emotions will always play an important role…the key is how we see…that moment…that situation…no, I’m not a preacher…I do have my set of colors, that makes me happy / sad / angry, joy / anxiety / panic & so on…I’ve realized, “breaking” the scene into moments help, rather than living in past or future or speculating about things…somehow accepting the present helps…if I can’t deal with it…then the other means help…deep breaths, writing, taking a break…accepting it’s OK to be not ok…am I making any sense…may be…may be not…but your post made me to share my heart…so thank you ❤️✨

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    1. Everything you wrote should be posted. Real food for thought. This is very engaging. You’ve said nothing but the actual fact. I am glad you were able to pour out your heart here, helping myself and others learn everyday. Thanks a lot for taking your time to read, it means a whole lot to me. Much love from here 🤍

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  2. We all can correlate things you jotted down, I am sure. Everyone has to to pass through such phases in life at one point. The important part is to learn out of it and take the lesson for future journey, I try to do that. Like always, great piece of writing ❤️❤️❤️

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