We all need a friend

As human beings, we become so busy with our jobs, family, household chores, daily activities that we often neglect one of the most important aspects of life; friendships, the relationships that develop over time that hold a very special place in our heart and that society continues to ignore. Friends are family members that we choose to allow and keep in our lives. From our first childhood friend to those lifelong friends we have known for decades; friends are treasures that can bring so much positivity into our lives but yet we often become too busy and neglect these important people. I am guilty of this as well!

Growing up, my mother always used to tell me “your friends are a reflection of you”. I did not quite understand this until I started meeting individuals who kept, not so healthy friends in their lives and suddenly, as a young teenager, I learned to understand that the friends I keep in my life reflect who I am and desire to be as a person and therefore I have learned to choose my friends wisely over the years. I do not care about the superficial attributes such as looks, money, success or status but rather I emulate those who bring laughter, joy, honesty and who can be there for me and also give me a firm kick in the butt when I need it. I always find it intriguing to meet friends of people I know because I can really get a sense of that person by the company they choose to keep in their life.

Friends are there to lift you up in joy and comfort you in sorrow. Good friends can be and will be your backbone. Whether you are celebrating a great life event they will show up with a bottle of wine, or two, and celebrate with you. If you are going through a rough patch in life, they are there to listen, give you advice and try to get you out of that slump. True friends show up, no matter what. True friends do not make excuses, do not flake on you and do not bring you down.

True friends will give you a reality check. We have all been there and we all have that friend; that instance where he or she is being completely inappropriate whether they are throwing a fit, copping an attitude or just being downright rude and nasty. We as friends need to give each other a reality check. It could be the ridiculous outfit we are wearing or the boyfriend/ girlfriend cheating on us. True friends bring the harsh truth in front of us. It is always important to be honest with our friends however it is just as important to approach these touchy issues with kindness and to address these matters in the appropriate setting and time, ideally behind closed doors. The beauty of true friends is they will tell you like it is, but from a good place in their heart.

Friends can make you miserable too. There is a dark side to friendship. The people who know you the best are also the ones who have the most power to betray you, should the relationship sour. Friends can also get you into trouble. If your friends are doing something bad or harmful, you tend to be more likely to do so as well, a fact to which many drinking buddies can certainly attest. Friends can also cause you stress when they get in the way of other important goals or relationships. Be ready to say no to friends who disappoint, betray, or stress you and you’ll be more likely to get the full friendfluence effect.

Friends are perfect companion: Loneliness is painful, especially when you are living with loneliness for a prolonged period of time. This is yet another reason to put time, energy, and attention into finding and cultivating a close circle of friends. As a rational creature you have to have need of companions. Who would be better than a friend as a companion. It is normal that you feel better when friends are around. Sometimes the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary, just by doing them with the right people. These right people are maybe those whom we call friend.

A friend can be a helping hand: The dictionary defines helping as, to make things easier or better for a person; to give one in need or trouble something necessary as relief. Whenever you need something to do for you first person you will find that is friends. Sometimes friends are helpful than any other family member. You can ask any kind of help from friends, that can be silly matter to (you can’t ask many things to anyone). You don’t need a friend for doing serious work for you. If a friend does help you in tiny tiny work of yours it will be matter of great happiness because you will realize someone is there for you. And a good friend, never let you down. Whenever you need them you will find them. They can make fun of you but they will definitely do anything for you.

Friends are supporters of us: A good friend will not tell you exactly what to do but they will encourage you to do what you already know in your heart is right. One sincere word of encouragement after failure is worth more than a day of praise after success and true friends will do it for you. Sometimes situations goes so wrong that there is no one to back you. A friend will be there for you if you are wrong or right. Best friends make your problems their problems too, just so you don’t have to go through them alone. Friends are not someone who will solve all your problems, friends are who will face them with you. When no one believes you, friends will believe you whether you are saying garbage or not.

Friends are our second family: We get a family when we are born. But friends can be called second family because it is where we belong all over our lifetime. In our childhood we turned to family when we are stressed but after getting mature we don’t go to family any more we turn to friends when we’re stressed. They have enough influence in our life like any other family members.

Friends are important. So important, in fact, that it’s been proven that friendship can extend life expectancy and lower chances of heart disease Friendship helps us survive.

Trueliving356 is always ready to welcome relevant and important friends. If you need to speak with us you can reach out to us via our email trueliving356@gmail.com. Keep the love going 🤍.

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