Note to self

If I could go back and visit my younger self the first thing I would do is grab her and hug her so tight that she feels love within every bone of that broken body of hers. I would tell her that she is loved, she is worthy and she deserves happiness. I would tell her that no matter what she’s feeling, things WILL get better. I would tell her that it’s okay to ask for help and there’s no shame in reaching out to let your loved ones know that you’re struggling. I would tell her to stop wasting so much time sleeping because life is too precious and she shouldn’t take the time she has on this planet for granted. I would tell her that no matter how invisible she feels she doesn’t deserve to starve and waste away. I would tell her that no matter how much she’s hurting or how badly she thinks of herself she doesn’t deserve to be cut open. I would tell her that everything she’s been through so far doesn’t define her and will never define her so just take a deep breath. I would tell her that the mistakes she’s made doesn’t make her a bad person and she still deserves to live. I would tell her that life is about learning and growing and it will never be perfect and that’s okay. I would tell her to stop trying to find happiness in everyone else and tell her she already has everything she needs within herself. I would tell her that it’s okay that she feels everything so deeply, it’s not a weakness. I would tell her that one day she will get to a place where she believes that she deserves happiness and cares for herself even though she doesn’t think it’s possible. I would tell her that the people who truly love her will always be there. Always. No matter what. And most importantly I would tell her thank you, thank you for holding on and being so strong because now I am so grateful to be alive.

I can’t go back in time to tell my younger self this, but I promise to tell myself this everyday as long as I am alive. I hope we all can be strong and courageous to remind ourselves of what we truly are. We should never forget to say these words to ourselves everyday and believe it. How loved and special we are, and we definitely don’t deserve less than this. 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍


21 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. Excellent post. Negative thoughts are always lurking in our minds but we can control them. We are never alone in our feelings. Once you tell them to others, you realize the group is pretty large. You are beautiful, strong and wonderful. Don’t think any different.

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    1. My dear friend, it’s never to late to do that. I wake up everyday reminding myself that I am blessed, I appreciate every bit of who I am. I can’t create myself, and God who created me made me perfect in his own image. I ain’t gonna let anyone change that about myself. Love yourself everyday 🤍. Rooting for you

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